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Installation And Design

Granite Earth is one of the top in installation and design of natural stone countertops. We specialize in Granite and Quartz for your countertop. Our team has experience in making brand new custom made counter tops for kitchens, sinks, offices etc. We use CNC Technology that will make your counter top smooth with the best design you will ever see. It will make your house look like it was just built. This is our passion, so we can happily say that we made installing and designing counter tops is a science. We can make your Granite Countertop the best in the city.

Customer Orientated

We know that our customers drive our business. Nothing is more important than our customers and their countertop. We want our customers have the best Granite or Leather Granite or Quartz countertop in the city. We love to serve our customers in GTA and Durham Region. In addition, we work with homeowners, interior designers and more. Our goal is to make sure we do everything right while being thorough and efficient, so we can make you 100% satisfied with your new counter top.

Experience & Quality

Granite Earth has a team that has a lot of experience installing and designing custom made countertops for our customers. All of them have been happy with the result of their new countertop. Also, our team focuses on quality in the Manufacturing and Installation of both Granite and Quartz for many years.  With the different countertops we have built , we can make any countertop you want with the best workmanship.

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