Granite Earth has what you need . We have the Granite Services for you in GTA and Durham. We offer different services that will help you get your dream countertop that you always envisioned. 

Sell Our Our Own Granite Entire Piece

At Granite Earth, we sell our own set of countertops. We have entire piece of a countertop. You have any options to choose from our in store selection.  Our team of designers uses a excellent craftsmanship and handwork into making the best countertop entire piece possible that will fit right in with your home. In addition, we use different materials to make sure that each piece we do is unique and all different from each other. In our store, we have a lot of pieces to sell, so contact us to get a brand new granite entire piece.  

Custom Made

Other having our own granite entire piece, we can make your a custom made countertop. Our team will have a consultation with you. In addition, we will discuss about the design, materials, how long it will take etc.  We want you to be apart of the process. Granite Earth will make your counter top one of thest best or best looking countertop anyone has ever seen.


When it comes time to install your dream countertop, we guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with the work we have done. In addition, our team has skills and experience to do in a timely and efficient process. 

We are the team for Granite Services in the GTA and Durham. Contact us today for book us.